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Beelonia EN

Double-wall medium range units F1 to F2 70/60 · 12 to 80 fish or 8 to 65 kg of meat plinth exchangeable heater for wood, gas, electricity Wood Gas Electic metal fins fat drip tray external casing insulation internal casing draft regulation collection tray for condensation waterroof / stovepipe Today, there are many reasons for purchasing a smoking appliance. An appliance that is expected to provide many years of trouble-free operation. Whe purchasing a new appliance you should the- refore not make any compromises and compare very carefully: setup, design and size (dimensions HxWxD) – then you will find that there is no other smoking appliance available on the market at this price. The design and setup of the types F1, F2, F2/70 and F2 70/60 provide lovers of smoked food with solid smoke ovens of almost unlimited durability. Only the Beelonia F series smoke ovens featuring a double-walled steel panel housing and a thick insulated layer are quite different from smoking in normal cabinets. The supply and exhaust air regulation and the dou- ble steel panel housing ensure that thoroughly mixed heat and smoke flow onto the food to be smoked and guarantee even cooking and smoking. This is why you shouldn’t fogot the advantages offered by Beelonia smoke ovens. Available designs: – aluminized / galvanized – stainless steel – stainless steel marbled Information on the F1 and F2 series: The heater modules of F1 and F2 models can be exchanged in seconds (wood with gas or electricity).The wood and gas moduls of F2 70 and F2 70/60 models can also be exchanged. This does not apply to F2 70, F2 70/60 fitted with an electric heater (380/400 Volt). Due to their high performance the heating elements are per- manently installed, and the cabinet is fitted with a ther- mostat as standard. 7